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Jan 2014
We all know someone who’ll tell you that “no one reads on the Internet” in a flippant, off-handed kind of way. Don’t believe them! I’ve sat through dozens of user interviews that would wipe that smarty pants’ smirk off their face.

Daniel Burka on the importance of high quality writing in interface design.

If you’re designing a product, you are responsible for every word of copy the person using the product sees.

My favorite tip from the article

Write before you start “designing.” Words should never be filler.

Dec 2013
And the difference between information and knowledge is that knowledge is about having a point of view based on what we know.
Jeremy Zimmer (via parislemon)
Dec 2013
We interrupt conversations for documentation all the time. […] Technology doesn’t just do things for us. It does things to us […] We don’t experience interruptions as disruptions anymore. But they make it hard to settle into serious conversations with ourselves and with other people because emotionally, we keep ourselves available to be taken away from everything.
The Documented Life - NYTimes.com (via soxiam)

(via soxiam)

Dec 2013
Like the things we intend to be, but never are quite that, the things we do, but never fall quite right, these systems are ever in motion. And the key is not to focus on what is, but to be a participant in the exploration of change. The what that is in motion. To be present through transformation. Imperfection is a constant. Look and listen for it, as it usually means you’re getting close to perfect.

Bobulate: The perfect year

Dec 2013
Kevin Pledge, CEO of underwriting-technology consultancy Insight Decision Solutions told the Economist last year that he has forgone the use of supermarket loyalty-cards and begun paying cash for his burgers to avoid this very type of profiling.

You are your data

the future is here and it’s secret burgers.

Dec 2013
What’s most interesting to me about the future of technology? Reimagining every human behavior and every human experience through the lens of a mobile device.

Great quote from an interview with Megan Quinn in MIT’s The Tech. 

Amen. (via alexrainert)

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Dec 2013